Today is Lion's Gate Portal opening up ascension energies that some of us can feel the buzz going through us.

What is the Lions Gate?
Lionsgate opens every year on August 8th to the 12th, when the Sun is in Leo and is marked by the star Sirius moving closer to earth and aligning in Orion’s belt, which perfectly syncs up with the Pyramids in Giza.

Who is affected by Lions Gate Portal opening? 
Mostly Starseeds are affected by this opening of energies. The connection to the cosmos flows through as we are the antennas and we automatically receive from this shift into higher consciousness. Preparing our minds, body and soul for this level of energies that brings us into our higher selves.

What beings are connected to this energy?
The Sirians are the snake, lion beings that are connected to this energy. Isis, The Hathors, Durga, Shiva, Shakti, Horus, The Nagas as far as our ancient beings are concerned. These beings are here to support this energy to activate you. Some of you may have been seeing visions or signs of these beings. What you can do is also call these beings into your field and ask for assistance at this time, or just let the God field do it's work as it comes.

Why should we connect to this energy?
We are innately connected to the energy that comes through. We have no choice in the matter. Some feel it more than others.

What is the result of connecting to this energy?
This is a an energy that brings in resolve in what we need to work on. Most of us have issues or worthyness. This is why so many of us are sick in some shape or form. Many of us have relationships cannot be sustained or the income of abundance is not flowing in. And those who say, no I am good with all of this still are not completely happy and satisfied unless someone recognizes their worth. We are here to transcend and transform any of these while we are in a body, for our mental capacities are here to evolve into what is truth of our existence.

My experience lastnight and into today was transformative already. Being in my heart space and diminishing the ego mind space. The energies were so strong even yesterday that I, my daughter and even her father while celebrating our daughter's birthday had to take a nap with no choice, one at time to receive and explore the astral plane. The energies were dense, heavy, and tiring. In the evening as soon as I closed my eyes I saw cat beings.. and I immediately blacked out, which is unusual for me. I slept long and deep and I woke up with a energetic buzzing sensation. I still feel this energy running up and down my spine as I cannot make out exactly what it is doing, but I can feel my heart energy massively large as you might actually feel this energy in your own heart as you read this blog.
During this time expect lots of cleansing energies as Gaia/Mother Earth will be shifting her oceans and bubbling up her heart chakra herself. Which may bring lots of floods. It's just started, but as I mentioned this before in my other transmissions for those who live in America, this will start to hit home too. For the rest of the world, it's already started and will start to get more active, doing more "damage" to the infrastructure, leaving us with rescoping for what humanity really needs. Get ready for a ride. This is only the beginning.
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Shifting Times with Male & Female Relationships + Energies

Ladies and Gentlemen,
This week has been a very interesting time for the male and female energies, it all started on March 6th, the day of my NYC Surrender Workshop. At the workshop we had more males attend than females, which was the first time I have ever experienced that. Usually, women attend more of these spiritual gatherings due to their likeliness of being more open minded. I had told the group that it's very auspicious and symbolic as men's spirituality is rising and connection as well. But also, women need to harness their masculinity and connection to men even more so now. Essentially, to find a balance of energies within. On 11-11-2015 I had a conference call event describing the Merging of the Feminine and Masculine Energies (https://www.facebook.com/events/410209255840818/ ) and on that call I described that, that day is the beginning of a new time on the Earth of how and where these energies are merging. I also said on that call that the information that I shared was strictly for them only and maybe there will be a time that I will share the details of that call at a later time. The second wave of this energy was January 6th 2016 and  March 6th, 2016 was the third wave coming through. These past two days I have been receiving more downloads about what the energies are brining forward at this time.

We are facing a shift in energies with the males accessing their feminine energies and women accessing their masculine energies. To be more exact, a man becoming less dominant and woman stepping into more strength. For thousand of years women have been oppressed, kept at bay, authorized by their Father, Husband, and Society. The divine feminine was shut out by the newest and most influential religion of the Western World only making a Mother sacred and this was effecting years of how men looked at women. The collective consciousness was being effected by generations of harboring women’s abilities and their energetic qualities that bring forward energies such as compassion, selflessness, tenderness, understanding, natural healing, openness, sensuality just to name a few. Men have suffered by leading their lives through their egocentric ideals such as; they need to be in control, they are competitive, they shoot guns, they fight, they can have rage, they lead not follow a woman. Energies on the planet have been male dominated and we receive as a collective just the opposite. Unfortunately, the collective can strongly run through the generations of programming that women lose their abilities to step into their true feminine power and men with their true masculine power. We have defined these roles for centuries leaving us with lots of disharmony between the male and female, but also leaving us with unbalanced males and females.

So I tell you this, that we are living in a time that the planet is supporting this energetic shift greatly. She, Earth, is starting to collapse those old paradigm collective conditions and create balance instead of paradoxes between the two sexes. We are seeing these changes is Sex, Courtship, Leadership, Financial Incomes, Parenthood, and Self Care.

This is a time where having sex just for pleasure or dominance can no longer be done anymore or it has great repercussions of suffering if it is done. Sex between humans has always been been a sacred act, but hardly seen that way in this day and age. We went through an era of having sex through our minds, which as a result sex became perverted because of this.  Now, instead experiencing through the mind the sexual pleasure comes from experiencing inner bliss together and an energetic union like no other. Some of you may already be experiencing this. The taboo of sex and it’s acts are becoming less taboo and the freedom of showing body parts, hence “free the nipple” movement are becoming more expressive in it’s natural beauty. Women breast feeding is becoming a trend again (thank god) and we are experiencing more love and respect for man and female body expression.

We all know that men have always been the ones to seek their lady and court her with his passion for her showing off his virility and his will to support her. This is changing so much now. Women don’t have to be picked up and saved anymore. Women are very independent and even the independent ones fall into this trap of being “courted”. There is a bit of a trickster that comes with this as no man can ever know his fate of his virility or capabilities to support his woman. It’s not a man’s fault as society has built this in them to court women this way. The change is that women don’t need to be courted anymore, but rather feel a deep connection to the man of which compliments each other’s nature. No one does the picking anymore, it’s a mutual effect and in this itself is already balanced. What else is showing up is that women are no longer tied to a man that in the same age or older. She has permitted herself to be with a younger man. The soul not knows age or circumstances, it only knows true harmony and love between two. Therefore, this is becoming more seen in the world now.

With that said, men and women’s leadership roles are changing now. You can see this very clearly in the media now, through women’s rising in politics, corporations, entrepreneurship, and just in your own little community.  Now this doesn’t leave a man’s work in the dust, it just means that men and women come together and unify mental decisions rather than women always relying on a man to work it out. Women are finding their inner strength without being egotistical and dominant and men are finding their softness without being a pushover or feeble. Men are respecting women more now, even though some men struggle with this. Their ego has been conditioned for so long to be in control and lead the way for others and especially women, even when they shouldn’t be granted that leadership. This leadership isn’t just in the office or at school functions, but in the household as well. Allowing for man and woman to come together as leaders, rather than having a man make all the big decisions.

The leadership qualities turn up for good financial benefits for anyone, including women. The changes have been seen for decades now, but coming into this year we are going to see a great increase. Even now, men are still trumping women on their salary incomes. A study in 2014 was shown that women in the same roles are only getting paid 79% of what men get paid. Now, men I know are already getting nervous, because they are thinking less for me. There is some for everyone. A lot of men are starting to be a stay home husband and take care of the household and perhaps the children as well while his beloved wife does what she needs to do.  This has been very beneficial but at the same time not beneficial as women cannot act like a women at the office. She is forced to act more masculine of which creates unbalance within her. This shift in the woman changes the man’s energy to being more feminine and suddenly they are in a place where they cannot make love or they find the balance else where. It’s a gentle balance without the tipping of the scale for men and women with encompassing of the energies and this is happening now. With this movement, women could be with a younger man if they wanted and support him, but in exchange there is this goddess like adornment and respect. Giving a man and woman freedom of breaking through society’s perceptions, mind programming.

In Parenthood, men are pushing baby strollers, which has been an epidemic in just the past 20 years or so. Men are really stepping up to the plate with evidence of changing baby diapers, feeding, and rocking their children to sleep. It’s not just that the Father is disciplining his children and teaching them. It has gone beyond that, making men more in touch with their feminine side. This shift alone is huge and creating a new generation of children, that are closer and have better communications with their Father figure. Father’s are also encouraging their daughters to follow their dreams just like they would with their sons. They giive them pep talks and embracing their daughter's femininity rather than fighting it. Women are also getting more involved with their sons and not just by watching their games, but by being a coach or playing catch with them for practice. It’s been a wonderful trade off in parenting, which is a huge contribution for the next generation. Even though this seems balanced, there is still room for change as the shift is that we are to become more conscious as how parents treat each other in front of their children. This is one of the biggest impacts to the future of relationships between male and female as a whole.

Finally, this is where self care comes in as one cannot love the other and accept them fully if they don’t love and accept themselves fully. When we are in a relationship, especially a marriage we choose to place a mirror in front of us. What you are receiving from the other person is what you think of yourself or lack of. It’s a learning process and we are learning that we have to know ourselves more to be more clear with others. To truly take care of yourself and love yourself is not something you ponder upon but something that you think comes naturally because you go to the gym or you get massages every once in a while. It goes far beyond this as these are not excess but essentials most of the time. Our self care has also been a societal discernment. Men and women have gender roles of how they care for themselves. One way is more masculine or feminine than the other. I have noticed that a lot of men want “alone time” in their own home of which in America they go and sit in a room alone or with just male friends aka a “man cave”. Usually a man needs this because a women has energetically taken over the living space with feminine decorations or some because they want to be away from just the energies of the woman or the family as a whole. Although women never claim to have such a room, but rather a room of their own that they could share with others. It's been proven that women have been trying to copycat men in the recent say 100 years to get ahead but that is starting to fall away. Many of us know our Grandmothers to be selfless and always thinking of others and putting herself last. This pattern is breaking now and our beloved Grandmothers are self caring for themselves more and more. Again, this leads an example to our daughters. The awakening of self love and self care starts with the understanding of the patterns that we harness within us and how we have been perceiving relationships to the opposite sex and same sex. Who lead your ideas of what a man and a woman should be like and have they been conscious enough to show you balanced individuals.

The time has come where this global collective of how we believe a man and woman should be is in thick of this shift. Some of you already feel it and see it. Perhaps, some of you will start to see it more after reading this. The change starts with you.

My next session will be announced as soon as a get the signal ;) . I will be having aSurrender Workshop in Sedona, Arizona on April 16-17, 2016 and the Soul Rising Retreaton May 12th-15th 2016 in Phoenicia, NY. Go to www.ValSecrets.com for more information.